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Meet Anthony 

When I started my bachelors degree at Kennesaw State University in the fall of 2016 I fell in love with the deep history and culture found here in Kennesaw. From the historic Downtown, to the businesses and people that call this city home, I knew that this was a place where everyone can thrive and be apart of a community. It was for this reason that when I graduated and began looking for a home myself, Kennesaw was my only option. I'm running for City Council because I believe that this beautiful city is a place for everyone, and I see its potential to become the gold standard of this state. 

I believe government plays an important role in our lives, from a caring and well trained law enforcement to a provider of clean and safe parks and facilities. That being said, I also believe in one that knows its place and where to not stick its nose. I am not a believer of big government, nor a believer of a small government, I believe in an efficient one. This mentality will guide my votes, as well as the feedback given to me by the residents and voters. 

I believe in transparency, open communication, and truly listening to what other have to say. Its only when these are present in an elected official that true representation is possible. These are values I hold dearly. I will always put my standards higher than what is required, because that's what the citizens of Kennesaw deserve. Together, with your help, we can bring fresh ideas and new solutions to the modern problems facing our city. 

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