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Our Platform 

No More Luxury Apartments


Almost all new developments being approved right now in Kennesaw are unaffordable "Luxury" apartments that our current infrastructure isn't developed enough for. We need to diversify what new developments get approved and focus on ownable property, not just rentals. We need a healthy mix of developments like: townhomes, single/multi family homes, and condos. Not just $2000 studios. 


Good Read: Luxury Development is Making Our Housing Crisis Worse -


Whether its certain businesses receiving special treatment in how we chose to enforce/not enforce our ordinance or loans given out by our local government in hard to keep up ways, our decision making process needs to be more accessible and documented.

Term Limits 

Term limits prevent career politicians, keep our governing bodies caught up with current values, and keep solutions modern. Two terms (8 years), is more than enough time on a city council to pass the agenda and promises a candidate ran on. 

Energy Independence

Investing in newer and cleaner energies not only allows individuals and our governments to save money on their bills and taxes, but it also creates a more sustainable and clean environment. All government buildings should run on renewable energies and pass those savings onto residents.   

Fiber Optic Internet Investment

Affordable and dependable internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Our local government needs to work with ISPs and invest in the infrastructure required to give the citizens of Kennesaw the options of fiber optic internet at competitive prices before we fall too behind.

Instant Run Off Elections

Instant Run off elections will prevent another situation where a candidate could win with only 18% of the vote.  IREs are popular, does away with the spoiler effect, and most importantly since its done at the time of voting no 2nd round of in person voting is required. This will save voters time and local governments from wasting tax payer dollars. 

Good Read: 

Law Enforcement 

Our police should be given the best training possible that focuses on de-escalation and nonlethal practices. Being trained in hand-to-hand combat makes officers feel safer in their abilities and reduces their chances of using lethal force. 

Good Read: 


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